About Us

Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Community Action Group (CAG) offers over 20 years of community service experience to Washington, DC growing urban communities. While promoting social change - that is, a transformation to a marked degree in the attitudes, norms, institutions, and behaviors that structure our daily lives - CAG, remains vigilant to the social issues that impacts the community-at-large. It is through a humanitarian vision that it continues to exemplify determination, commitment, and equality to individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social economic status.

Innovative Programming

CAG the program continues to create an environment for change through innovative programming. But more importantly, the organization has served as a catalyst that helped transform some of society's most disenfranchised citizens. CAG's committed work in the community has not gone unnoticed. The organization has received numerous awards and recognition for its services to improve the quality of life for residents of the District of Columbia's diverse communities.


CAG's history began during the Spring of 1988 when twelve parishioners of Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Catholic Church came together for the purpose of assisting the Pastor to address socio-economic issues that contributed to the spread of substance abuse in the Parish and surrounding communities. The group met for eight weeks. At the conclusion of the study group, the participating twelve parishioners were unanimous in agreeing to establish a social service agency named for the church in which it was founded. The group incorporated and obtained its non-profit community base social service organization 501©(3) status and resolved that social justice work might be best performed by a community action group hence, the name Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Community Action Group (CAG) was proclaimed.


The Principal Founder, Harold "Hal" Gordon, was elected President and Chief Executive Officer and guided the organization's development from its beginning until his death in 2008. The organization under the leadership of Hal Gordon, and the faith of its founders have contributed to more than 10,000 persons lives being transformed through the mission and activities of the Community Action Group.

Board of Directors

CAG is governed by a Board of Directors, an Advisory Committee, and a host of volunteers who assist the organization in securing resources to support efforts that enhance programs and increase access to resources. Volunteers are a valuable resource to the organization by staffing a variety of projects, working fundraisers, mentoring adults and youth, and basically functioning as an extension of CAG's staff and Alumni Association.