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Call or visit to obtain more information about CAG programs or to inquire as to how you may be of service to this community. Staff members are available to provide information.

CAG HEADQUARTERS (formerly located at 901 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE)

Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Community Action Group
325 34th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20019
Telephone: 202.543.4558
Fax: 202.543.4579


Women's Treatment: (202) 373-0940

Men's Treatment: (202) 388-9182

Women's Transitional: (202) 373-0656

Men's Transitional:(202) 575-0185

Outpatient: (202) 543-4705


This 12,000 square-foot building, named after CAG's principal Founder, Harold J. Gordon, is currently being renovated - expected completion is April 2012.

This Building will house current programs, new initiatives, and will be a beacon in the community for all to benefit. Residents and neighborhood civic groups will be invited to use of the building for civic/educational/cultural events that will enhance the societal and cultural content of the community.

The community can look forward to a host of enjoyable activities to be held in this building that will appeal to persons of all ages - youth and adult. This building will be a welcoming space for cultural and civic events; health and wellness classes, senior citizen activities. Also, there will be an opportunity for members of the community to suggest other activities with which CAG will work in partnership/ An example of activities are provided below and we will be surveying the community for other possibilities.:

  • Education and training
  • Social and recreational
  • Special youth events
  • Exercise classes
  • Cultural events (play productions)
  • Community events
  • And, more