Get Involved


For more than 20 years, members of the Washington, DC business and residential community have supported the mission and activities of the Community Action Group. Financial and in-kind support has been instrumental in the organization making great strides, achieving tremendous successes and acquiring the ability to pursue new and innovative initiatives.

The generous contributions and support have enabled us to provide more services to more people in need and move the organization on a more sustainable path of longevity.

The Community Action Group will be focusing on the following areas as it pursues community support to fulfill its mission:

  • Youth and Adult Education
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Job and Life Skills Training
  • Personal and Economic Empowerment
  • Community Partnering


CAG welcomes persons interested in being in service to the community and who have a desire to contribute their time and talent to a very worthwhile cause.

Volunteers have been a valuable resource to us by staffing a variety of projects; working fundraisers; mentoring adults and youth; and, basically functioning as an extension of our staff.

We are seeking volunteers of all ages, background, talent and abilities. Every effort is made to match volunteer interests and skills with the needs of the organization and its various programs.

Some opportunities for volunteering: a) tutoring for adult/youth; b) exercise and fitness; c) social/recreation; c) mentoring; d) cultural events; and e) newly recommended activity.

Call the CAG office and sign up - 202.543.4558