Who We Are


Our History

In 1988, inspired by the pastor of Holy Comforter – St. Cyprian in his desire to assist in combatting the drug crisis, Hal Gordon founded Community Action Group.

For more than 30 years, CAG has focused on substance abuse treatment and educational programs that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. CAG pioneered a community-focused model that extends beyond traditional therapeutic recovery programs integrating social, cultural, spiritual, recreational and educational approaches to combat substance abuse, addiction, homelessness and emotional distress.

Our goal is to engage the community to join in our efforts as volunteers and partners. Early on, CAG recognized the need to involve the community in its efforts to empower individuals for positive change.

Together we can build a community for all, where everyone is valued and respected.

CAG continues to bridge the gap between disenfranchised citizens and the community-at-large. We keep the community informed about issues affecting it and serve constituents with respect, concern, and courtesy.

CAG changed its mission by expanding our recovery programs and community outreach efforts, continued our outpatient program, and eliminated residential programs.  We expanded our mission and vision beyond drug treatment and prevention to include opportunities for community growth and development that add richness to the life experience of all who live here.

CAG Mission

CAG is a non-profit organization that serves the Capitol Hill community and D.C. residents with specialized holistic programs and activities which help disenfranchised residents and adds richness to the life experience for all.

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Meet Our Team

Janice Dessaso Gordon
Executive Director

Darryl Anderson

Shanta Belton-Carter
Volunteer/President-Alumni Association

Ramona Brown
Financial/Administrative Services

Josephine Staton
Clinical Director

Carl Young
Building Superintendent

Board of Directors

Rev. Reginald Whren – Vice Chair
Constance King-Smith – Secretary/Treasurer


Ann Quarzo
Samantha Taylor
Seyoum Gebrehiwot
Shanta Belton Carter